By Steve Higgins

A former newspaper colleague of mine recently posted a comment on a blog, politely pointing out a large number of typos and grammatical errors in the online content.

The author didn’t take it well. His reply was along the lines of “My thousands of followers don’t care about typos, they want my information fast. I know because I’ve asked them.”

I couldn’t resist chiming in: “Have you thought about how many more thousands of followers you might have if you spend a few minutes cleaning up your copy?”

It’s astounding to me that someone would feel it’s OK to produce sloppy copy. I mean, the occasional mistake is understandable, but this guy had literally dozens of unnecessary errors.

Offer Your Readers a Smooth Ride

When you publish a blog or any other product that includes text, allowing typos and other errors is like sending your readers down a highway littered with blown truck tires and potholes. You want to provide a comfortable ride, not an obstacle course.

Here are three reasons to carefully edit everything you publish (or hire a business writer like me to ghostwrite for you):

Reflects poorly on your work. The quality of your writing reflects the quality of your work. Most bloggers are trying to get their name in front of potential clients. You are less likely to be hired if your online copy suggests a lax attitude toward your work. Copious grammar mistakes suggest a lack of discipline and professionalism.

Distracts readers from your message. Clear writing equals clarity of thought. Typos and grammar mistakes are annoying and divert readers from the point you are trying to make.

Raises questions about your work ethic. If you are not willing to spend a few minutes proofreading your blog copy, what corners are you willing to cut when working for me?

The point of most blogs is to communicate clearly and to highlight the writer’s expertise and abilities. Don’t send your readers down a road filled with obstacles – offer them a clear path.

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