A Strong Foundation in Journalism


I was an avid reader long before I became a professional writer. Good writers know what readers want – enjoyable stories about interesting people. Preferably delivered with clarity, brevity and accuracy.

As a freelance writer since 2007, I draw on more than two decades of experience as a daily newspaper reporter and editor to produce compelling content for businesses and nonprofits. I previously worked at daily newspapers in Georgia, Arizona, Florida and New England, most recently as business editor of the New Haven Register in Connecticut.

As a newspaper reporter, my greatest satisfaction came from writing stories that had a real impact on individuals and the community. As a freelance writer, I craft copy that makes a real impact for my clients.

Most of my experience has been as a financial writer and business editor. Early in my journalism career I realized that I had a particular affinity for speaking with business people, understanding their concerns and conveying their message with clarity.

I help business owners, professionals, institutions, nonprofit organizations and publication editors communicate effectively with their own clients, with their employees, and with the larger community.

Steve Higgins

“Steve is an excellent writer and editor with impressive expertise in several areas, including business. His journalism background, a deep network of contacts and his enthusiasm for any task he undertakes make him uniquely positioned to serve a range of clients with distinction.”

Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo

Former head of public relations, city of New Haven