Content Marketing: The Power of Telling Your Story


People relate to stories, not to sales pitches.

The rise of content marketing is based on that simple insight. To engage potential clients, tell your story.

You have several stories to tell:

• Case studies that detail the ways you serve your customers’ needs.
• White papers that illustrate your knowledge of the issues that concern your customers.
• Articles and blog entries that display your industry insight and awareness.
• Webinars and videos that offer useful information and illustrate your expertise.
• Your company history, which reveals the dedication and experience you bring to the table.

The goal of content marketing is to attract and retain customers by offering valuable and enlightening information that is not focused on selling. The world’s biggest companies use content marketing, as do many smaller firms. It’s an ongoing process that allows you to proactively reach out to people who would benefit from your products and services.

Combining quality story content with more traditional advertising messages creates a powerful marketing mix, especially with the interactive power of the Internet. The key is to offer content that is meaningful.

Quality content requires three factors: Your stories must be genuine, customer-focused, and interesting.

You have stories to tell. Let me help you define your stories and tell them to the right audience in the right way.