Even Fashion Ads Are Going Digital

By Steve Higgins

Are there any small-business owners still skeptical about online marketing? A recent article in the Wall Street Journal may resonate with you.

“Magazine Ads Go Out of Fashion” was the clever headline on a June 10 article about the migration of fashion powerhouses away from print ads and toward social media and online advertising.

High-gloss photographs of fashion models in upscale magazines such as Vogue and Glamour have been at the heart of the industry for decades. Yet “Louis Vuitton, Gucci and other houses are instead plowing money into digital campaigns,” reports Matthew Dalton in the Wall Street Journal.

The luxury industry has reduced spending on magazine ads by 8 percent since 2013 while increasing spending on digital ads a whopping 63 percent, according to Zenith Media. Bad news for the print industry, even though publishers such as Conde Nast are doing everything they can to snag the online bounty.

Follow the Leaders

The migration to digital began years ago in other industries, and now an iconic industry dependent on splashy ads is catching up. Fashion executives say digital campaigns have proven effective and offer valuable data to track spending trends, all at a lower cost.

Digital marketing encompasses several strategies that work together to spread the word about your business. An online campaign can start with your blog and then spread when you re-post on social media sites. Your campaign should include links to articles and white papers, mentions by industry “influencers,” and possibly online ads.

The key to online marketing is to lay a foundation with good content: Articles, white papers and blogs that are well written and offer value to potential consumers or clients. All the posts and tweets in the world won’t be effective if the content isn’t worthwhile.

If you’re not confident about your writing skills, consider hiring a business writer to help you produce professional content.

Steve Higgins is a business copywriter and financial writer with more than 25 years of experience. For online content including website copy, blogs, articles and white papers, contact him at steve@higginswriting.com.

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